Instructor Services

2018 Pricing

Video coaching with Success Pathways®  This is an amazing way to focus on your goals no matter the distance you are from me!

Private Lesson = $ 80 Per Hour- 2 hour minimum

  Private lessons are a great way to get your specific questions answered and walk away with a wealth of new skills to improve on.

Semi-Private Lesson = 2 people $ 60 Per person Per Hour– 2 hour minimum

This is great for couples, friends or play groups that want to take the journey together!Learn from each other, have time to process information and formulate questions, observe other Horsenalities™ and leadership strategies.

Workshop = 3-10 people $ 45 Per person Per Hour– 3 hour minimum (no more than 10 people per group lesson)


Workshops are subject or Savvy specific some ideas are:

Beginning Level 1 Games 1-3
Beginning Level 1 Games 4-7
Beginning Level 2 Riding
Level 1/2 On Line Patterns and Assertiveness
Level 3 On Line Patterns and Refinement
Level 2/3 FreeStyle Patterns and Fluidity
Level 3 Liberty and Round Corral Savvy
Carrot stick Riding
Saddle Fit and Shimming
Trailer Loading
Horse Husbandry: Clipping and Hoof Care Preparations
Steady Rein
Auditions Prep (for each savvy some levels can be combined)
Auditions Videoing
Gaited Horses and Parelli from the ground
Gaited Horses and Parelli riding (ground is perequisit to riding)

Pick from the workshop focuses or if you have some things you would like to learn I can put together something special for your group!

Depending on the distance of travel a mileage fee may be added.

If I have a full day of lessons in the area I usually wave the mileage fee or within an hour or so from where ever I am at around the time of the lesson.  If I am doing a clinic or in an area for some reason and you want to have a lesson cause your only an hour or so away from the clinic location (area I’m in) I will not charge you for mileage!

I frequent Bozeman MT, Mountain Home ID, Spokane WA, and Wilsonville OR.  Plus all the routes in between and the routes to the various events I’m involved in around the country so feel free to give me a call or email me if you would like me to add a stop to see you when I’m in route!

A facility fee may apply