What does this year have in store???  I am VERY excited to get to support Carol Coppinger six star parelli instructor and 4 star instructor Tina Giordano with the instructor course in Pagosa this year.  It is a course designed to help instructors get better at instructing.  It is a great opportunity for me to get to collaborate with higher level instructors about presenting information to students in the most effective way possible! Ill also be attending the Summit if you have never been put it on your bucket list!  Lyndsey Fitch Linda Parelli’s Protégé’s is going to come up to Montana and do a Game of Contact clinic for us!!!! I am doing a Prep Clinic for that up in Polson to get everyone ship shape so Lyndsey can teach us as much as possible!  This is a bit selfish since I am taking GOC as well! Even if you are not ready for GOC this prep will be super helpful in your everyday riding!  The April clinic in Cody will be the first part of this Prep (it is just one day with more of a focus on relaxation and fun) if it is closer in location to you. IF you are interested in auditing or bringing a horse to the GOC Clinic with Lyndsey email me and I will get you all the info I will need deposits by the end of March!

Life gets in the way of fun so I changed the Level one / two clinic the first weekend in March to a 3 hour horseless work shop.  Out of what I thought was a failure to fill a clinic I got an amazing response from the 14 students that showed up, some of them have even been in the program for longer than me! They all loved the simulations and the information presented about the first 3 games not to mention how economical it was….$25 per person, cause I was not sure how it would go and I knew that everyone was prepared to spend that to audit a day at the clinic. We had Parelli never evers and Level 3 students! Sooooooo I decided I would like to offer some more of these at this introductory price per horseless session and for those that attend the horseless workshop sets I would do a 3 hour with your horse workshop for $75. Lots of other Parelli instructors do these, until I did this one I had no idea how powerful a learning tool this is, especially because you can learn without your horse and it puts you as a student in a much better leaning situation where you can work on you so that you have some idea of what your doing when you go to try it with your horse! As you know it will not always work when you try it cause your horse has his own ideas so that is why I wanted to do a couple of them then incorporate a horse workshop to fix the areas you might be having problems with or even give you the next things you might try!

Aside from teaching, kids and moving I am very excited to continue competing in dressage and jumping!  Not forgetting trail and gaited horse events that might fit my schedule!   Make sure and contact me if you want to be involved in any of the activities I have on the schedule or the horseless workshops! I hope to see you all this year and help you realize your dreams!