Wow Time Flies! I have not written you since just after Tana was born! The kids are keeping me super busy and it is so much fun! I have been fairly low key, teaching locally with only a couple of clinics in ND and WY.

Congratulations to everyone that passed their auditions!!

Jen Mohler L3 Liberty, Samantha Thorning L3 on line, Liberty and Freestyle! Mindy Schroder L3 On line and Liberty with her 2 year old!  Catherine Nelson on line L3,

The Success Pathways Coaching has been incredible because I can keep up with those really dedicated students that are a bit further away and keep your progress going and you motivated on a monthly basis and I can do it when the kids are napping!  I have also gotten to play with my horses! I competed in my first jumping and Dressage show last summer with one of my warmbloods.  She was amazing and what fun to take the foundation we have been building and put some icing on it! We bought a new property– very much a fixer upper so much of my baby weight has been worked off removing old fencing and trying to get it ready for us to move in. We decided that frozen hoses and  moving during the  winter  was not a good idea so we hope to  move this spring!  It is right next to where we will have GOC so if you are coming, that is going to be the “bunk house” for the clinic.  You all will have to promise to get some sleep so you are ready to learn!  One of the funnest things I have done this winter was dust off an old tradition….. Horsey Night!  Potluck horse talk and good friends! The first one was 25 people not including the kids!  I had to work hard to get everyone to quit talking and watch one of the new rider Biomechanic DVDs!  The second was very small but that meant we would pause when anyone had a question and get to discuss it! I hope to keep this going until the weather gets better–so come join us if you can!