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Have you ever wanted to bounce an idea off of a horse person or wanted some advice on your horse but didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t have anyone available in your day-to-day?

Most people that have trainers have access to their trainer to ask questions or take lessons about all sorts of things from horse husbandry to training issues.

What I have found over the years is that people without a dedicated trainer have questions that they need answers for! They’d ask a professional but feel awkward calling one up and asking them because they know that is what they do for a living, so it would be a bother for a little question.

As a professional Instructor, I get that – and appreciate that thought – but you still need help!

Get Access to Jenny Trainor and Get Your Questions Answered

You’re Invited!

This idea has been rolling around in my mind for a couple of years and the students that are in my Virtual Gaited Horse Course have shown me that access for questions is a critical part of learning.

I want to do more to help all of my students – gaited and non-gaited -because not everyone has a gaited horse for the course but they do need the support of someone they trust!

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Your coach is 4-time World Champion and Licensed 3 Star Parelli Professional, Jenny Trainor. Jenny has seen it all, from the show ring to the most remote pastures and trails across the United States. She’s helped top horsemen and backyard horse lovers correct bad habits and has a special skill for helping humans finally understand their horses.

This easily accessible and dang-near-free access to coaching is as much fun as it is a necessary and convenient tool for anyone wanting to get better with horses.

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Join us today for guidance that will revolutionize your relationship with horses!

Topics like these are front and center in the group:

    • Bits & Biting
    • Relaxation
    • Saddle Fit
    • Trailer loading
    • Round Pen work
    • Groundwork
    • Liberty
    • Rider & Horse Confidence
    • Overcoming Challenges


important topics and trainings,
virtual check-ins,
monthly Q&As,
and exclusive resources like webinars and guides.

Plus, you can learn from the questions from other horse owners and riders working through all experience levels as they move toward their natural horsemanship goals.

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