Our Mission: To help people Live and achieve their Dreams.

We will help you achieve your dreams by giving you one-on-one assistance and a customized curriculum that is designed specifically for you.

Did you know that all the best athletes, horsemen, teachers and trainers all have coaches and mentors? Pat often credits his teachers for helping him achieve his successes with horses. No one ever made it alone. We all need someone who inspires us, who encourages us, who acknowledges our triumphs and who hold us accountable.

As coaches and instructors, we have mentors that have and continue to guide and direct us through business, personal lives, and our horsemanship.

We now want to offer the same to our dedicated students. Instead of waiting between clinics for information and inspiration, you can stay on track in achieving your horsemanship dreams and goals. We want to be there and guide you each step of the way.

How does Success Pathways® work?

Each month, as a Success Pathways® student, you will receive:

  • Personal Phone Calls: In each session get answers and strategies for immediate progress. (No more getting stuck in the same place.) Celebrate successes and define new goals.
  • Video Coaching: For visual learners you will experience ten-times the value of a typical private lesson because of the ability to see yourself in action. We will review your videos together in our phone calls and uncover valuable information about you and your horse. We have found video coaching to be a very powerful tool and an exceptional way to mark progress and success.

Our commitment to you!

Our goal is to hold nothing back – to share all of our knowledge and experience, inspire and empower you. We want you to enjoy the benefits of a safer relationship with your horse – more excitement and fun, facing new challenges and reaching new heights. Take away the frustrations…bring on the celebrations! More than anything, we want to help you live your horsemanship dreams!

Given that each and every person has different needs we have 3 options to choose from.

Gold Success Pathways®: Click Button to Subscribe
  • Two 45-minute one-on-one phone calls
  • Unlimited video footage each month
  • Unlimited email questions
  • Retainer; which is a quick response program for our top priority students giving you access to call or email us anytime with the ability to troubleshoot questions or problems.


Silver Success Pathways®:
  • Two 45-minute one-on-one phone calls
  • Send up to 15 minutes of video footage each month


Bronze Success Pathways®:
  • One 45 minute one-on-one phone call
  • Send up to 15 minutes of video footage each month


Problems with Paypal?

Email for other payment options and/or questions jenny.trainor@yahoo.com

With these programs, a one year commitment is required as this will give us enough time to analyze your skills and then take you to the next level.