What does the coming year have in store for the Trainor’s???  Good question how is a second urchin going to affect us???  I’m going to start eating this elephant one bite at a time!  Yes, those are the same sentences I used in the last update! The good news is that I have already started back to teaching! The plan will still be to try to stay close to home and close to Tana since she needs my attention a lot right now!  Aaron is starting a new project at the VA in Helena, don’t worry he will still have time for shoeing and trimming your horseJ  We decided that Decker would need some socialization with kids of his own age so Tuesdays he will be at daycare so it will be just Tana and I.  Many of you took lessons last year when I had Decker with me.  It was super letting you get some time to play with what I was teaching you while I took a short break to take care of him. Well that is my hope for Tuesdays the difference this year is that I am going to stay closer to home. That means you may need to travel to us until Tana is a bit olderJ  For those of you chomping at the bit for lessons I know it is a bit short notice but I have a fantastic babysitter (my mom) here between the 28th of June through the 1st of July.   If you want to come this way for a lesson I have been doing a lot of teaching out of Linda Threkeld’s barn and plan to keep doing so remember that she requires a current coggins with in the last 12 months.

One last thing… for the last five months I have been preparing to do video coaching using Success Pathways. This is a totally personalized monthly program, designed for me to help you over the phone with the aid of videos. My goal is to help you get your goals accomplished!  I started my training with Don Jessop just after I had passed all of my Level 4.  Don wanted me to feel what it felt like to be the student and go through Success Pathways.  I agreed so that I would know what my students would be getting.  I really did not think it would be all that beneficial to me, my horsemanship or my journey.  Boy was I a bit arrogant!!!!! It was amazing how Success Pathways was able to pinpoint things that I needed to work on and help me with a program I could stick to being very pregnant and a busy mom. I could get something specific done in a short period of time with my horse that improved my horsemanship and myself!  All it took was my commitment, an hour phone call and a video (sometimes we did not even use the video) and I had great things to work on till the next month and we would view the video then or a new one. It is great having a personal coach even at my level to help me focus my goals and celebrate my successes!  I am now set up to use the Success Pathways model to help those of you who are determined to progress with your horsemanship. The great thing is that it really does not matter how many miles separate us!!!!  I will tell you that I am also going to continue being coached because it is so beneficial even past Level 4!  Let me be part of your Success!