Here’s a binge-worthy video from one of my Question and Answer sessions with my students. It’s got a lot of good-to-know information and a bunch of takeaways to help you improve your horsemanship skills.

This video starts out with a quick overview of our very successful virtual Gaited Horse Course that you might be interested in too!

Grab your notebook, press play, and get ready for these topics:

We start out with these:

  • How to relax the topline to help your horse relax into their best gait?
  • What response should your horse have when you put one leg on? If you’re thinking, Increase forward speed – watch this video!
  • How to help your horse organize its body
  • How are we asking our gaited’s to increase speed?
  • How fluid is your body when you’re riding?

And that might be enough but then we get into the specifics!

Time marker: 13:00
Get ready for the hills, ditches, and maneuvers on the trail with 2 simple tasks to help maintain control without using the bit!
Creating your seat for balanced momentum – physically and emotionally

Time marker: 24:00
A quick review of hackamores and riding in them

Time marker: 28:00
Using the body to ride instead of just our hands

Time marker: 29:50
Best way to teach a horse how to pony and dealing with dominant horses!

Time marker: 37:00
Here’s the best place to start dealing with nervous energy!

Time marker:  1:11:00
Teaching our horses to gate online – when to start and the first steps

Time marker: 1:21:00
Biomechanics and hock issues

Time marker: 1:27:30
The Gatekeeper Gene – The basics of Pacing and Cantering



Thanks for watching!


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