Since the last time I wrote to you I have been very busy!  I did lots of teaching this winter due to it being very mild, but stayed relatively close to home trying to keep my OB doctor from having a heart attack.  I did make a trip to North Dakota with 2 months to go in my pregnancy and I think my Dr was a bit nervous. When I asked if I could go to the tour stop in Washington with just under a month left to go she really discouraged me, so I may have to pick another to go toJ. I did some really great workshops including Steady Rein, gaited horses and Parelli and on line audition prep and videoing!  By the way, congratulations to everyone that passed their auditions!!

Leslie Sutherland L3 online freestyle and liberty,

Jen Mohler L3 on line,

Linda Threlkeld L3 on line,

Sandy Ellis on line L2,

Kelly Robinson on line L1.

Remember get out there and video it and don’t be tooooo picky!  Go back and read about my Level 4 freestyle in the last update.

Steady rein has been just amazing to teach, the concepts are simple, so simple that for whatever reason students are not using it to its fullest potential! It is best taught with an entire day so that you really get comfortable using it!

I passed may level 4 finesse which was all I had left in L4 and then was given my 3rd Star!!! So now I’ll be adding Liberty into my workshops!

Best news for last!  Accidently the best thing happened Tana Lynn Trainor arrived on May 30th 2012.  Yes that was early but not as early as her brother!  To make a long story short: I had a great day, helped Aaron get two blacksmithing orders out, went to see my OB Doc, she said “not today” (well se was right but only by an hour!)  Did spring vaccines and played with my two warmbloods on line, Aaron rode his mule.  I love it when we get to play together! Then I taught for a couple of hours came home and Aaron and I had a well-balanced dinner, he had popcorn and I had ice cream, we don’t normally eat like that!  We were headed for bed when I accidentally tripped on a Mickey Mouse kid couch in the dark and landed on my hands and knees!   Well out of all the things I do, that broke my water!!!! So off to the hospital and low and behold She was breech!!! So I didn’t get a choice they said we will be headed for a C-section in an hour or two and that was that!  We had her at about 1 am, she weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. (that is 2 lbs. bigger than her brother!) She is Beautiful!!!