Must Have for your Emergency Kit — VET and Human!

Red light therapy ever heard of it? Well it is not just a red light….. it uses a specific wave length and yes produces a red light but also is incredibly use full in you emergency kit! I have used it for many things and it has saved me many a vet and doctor bill!  Plus it is great for treating things you might not go to the doctor for scraped knees on your kids don’t forget the kisses cause they need those too.  It is not the sort of thing that you worry about doing something harmful.  I have used it for:

  • Gas colic on my horses and my son when he was little
  • Tissue injuries
  • Sore muscles
  • Injection sights horses and humans
  • Helping with posture
  • Rather than acupuncture/ pressure.

I use it in the spots and if I’m not quite right it does not matter because you just need to be with in about an inch and a half (books for specific species are available and I use them all the time for all sorts of things! There are points to increase or decrease your lactation flow who knew!)

  • Injection sights horses and humans
  • Sore throat
  • Head aches
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

So a video blast from the Past showed up on my Facebook! I filmed it back in 2014 I think the cool part about how I used it gave me a more scientific approach that it really works, I can be a bit skeptical sometimes and if you don’t have a control group for your experiment how do you know if the thing you added helped? And on our own horse or family how do you know that what you did make it better faster because you don’t have that control group? Or that it would have gotten better on its own? Watch the video and be amazed that I stayed politically correct!


Here is a link to how it works