Focus Sessions – Level 1 Intro to Level 2

Session 1

Learn the Primary games 1-3 from the 7 games these are all you need to effectively communicate anything you want to your horse.

Session 2

Riding skills Learn what to look for in a pre ride check so that you can have a safe and fun ride.  Improve your ability to communicate clearly with your horse using 3 rein positions

Session 3

Learn games 4-7 of the 7 games, these are the principal games. Once you know all 7 the sky is the limit let your imagination have fun and if you don’t have an imagination barrow from others! Don’t worry there is lots to do!

Session 4

Using rein positions to improve your stop and go buttons with the basics of impulsion. Help your horse easily understand which gait you are wanting and that it is his job to maintain it even on a loose rein!!